🇹🇭 🏆 Thailand National Championship Racing (“What do you do besides YouTube?”) #TeamNICH

Fun and fast racing, Quality learning experience, new friends (favorite foods!) and a brief look at many different parts of my experience at the Thailand National Championships (July 2nd, 2021).

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today, and thanks SO much for all the messages of support, the cheers, it was an AWESOME time and I feel so lucky to be able to do this,** be a part of Team NICH, all good things – yahoo!


A 3 day event (I did not join the Mountain Bike event on the 2nd day), I did the time trial on Friday and the road race on Sunday, this video is just a fun and quick look at all the different parts of what this trip showed me – hotel, nutrition, new friends (and old), REALLY hot weather (and racing IN that weather of course!), and then a long journey to and from the race (thank you Bank!!!!!), a great weekend all in all… and Im glad to be able to share it with you!

Mukdahan, Thailand.

After many races being cancelled, others being postponed, we were finally able to join one national championship race event this month of July 2021. Thank you to the TCA (Thai Cycling Association), and the event organizers, who were able to safely organize this in between different waves of Covid-19. We all had to go through some levels of restrictive measures in order to all arrive, race safely, and return home safely as well, so thanks to them for a LOT of hard work before and after this event! The next races have again been postponed, and so this may have been a gift as far as racing possibilities go this year – and if that’s what it is, then I’m very grateful that we at least got to do one race!!

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