[4K] Bangkok Walk – Asok Sukhumvit Soi 10, 12 (Korea Town), 14 🇹🇭 Bangkok Thailand


Hello, everyone ! I’m JWINTHAI. I walk around Sukhumvit 10, Sukhumvit 12 and Sukhumvit 14 in Bangkok of Thailand. I start walk from Asok BTS skytrain station to these streets. The first place, I walk around Sukhumvit 10 is surrounding with hostels, condominiums, apartments and restaurants. This street is a small alley and very silent. The second place, I walk around Sukhumvit 12 is surrounding with Korea Town (Sukhumvit Plaza), apartments, street foods, restaurants and spa. Many Korean BBQ restaurants at Korean Town are closed. Now restaurants in Bangkok service only delivery. Last place, I walk around Sukhumvit road 14 is surrounding with small hotels and houses. This street is very silent because most is living houses.
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▶Date recorded : July, 2021

▶MAP : http://asq.kr/ZyPukk5

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