[4K] Bangkok Walk – Chinatown Yaowarat Chinese Food Market 🇹🇭 4K Bangkok Thailand


Hello, everyone ! I’m JWINTHAI. I walk around Yaowarat also known as Chinatown in Bangkok of Thailand. I walk and update on the situation around Yaowarat. Yaowarat road is located near Wat Mangkorn MRT subway station. I go to Yaowarat Chinese food market, is an old and famous market. This market has the Chinese charming, there are many shop houses along the alley, are selling local products and import products such as chinese products, chinese herbs, chinese spices, fresh seafoods, pre-cooked chinese food and every type of chinese food. Thesetime I walk on many streets around Yaowarat such as Yaowarat road, Charoenkrung Road and Plaeng Nam road. There are many restaurants, street foods, shop houses, seasonal fruits stalls, chinese herb shops and gold shops. As usual, Yaowarat road is alway busy all day because many people go to buy chinese products at Chinese food market and buying street foods. And at night, Yaowarat Street is turn into the greatest food street location that very attractive to tourists and locals from all over the city. Many of food stands, street foods and restaurants are along the road with reasonable price. But theseday all restaurant can open only delivery service and Wat Mangkorn Temple which is the famous temple is closed so less of people go to Yaowarat.
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▶Date recorded : July, 2021

▶MAP : http://asq.kr/zHLla1d

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