[4K] Bangkok Walk in Heavy Rain – Asok Montri Rd (CBD) 🇹🇭 4K Bangkok Thailand


Hello, everyone ! I’m JWINTHAI. I walk in the heavy rain on Asok Montri road in Bangkok of Thailand. Thailand is in rainy season now. It is raining in Bangkok almost everyday in this month. This road is surrounding with many office buildings and company offices. So there are many street food, restaurants and food market along on this road. As usual, this road is alway busy with people and street food stalls but less of vendors and people because of a heavy rain.
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More information of Asok Montri road please click this link :

▶Date recorded : July, 2021

▶MAP : http://asq.kr/zBAgE2l

▶Click here for more Videos : http://www.youtube.com/c/JWINTHAI

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