Are We Selfish In Thailand

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Sophie’s contact info
Chosita Mingsamon
0243742587 Kasikornbank โชษิตา มิ่งสมร (Krua – Lang – Baan) 0813423059

Bangkok Community Help Foundation

Please google other charitable organizations in Thailand and around the world

Note: There will be those that that will make the following statement in the comment section. “Foreigners Cannot own land in Thailand”, we will address that very vague statement in a minute. The Thai Gift & Foreigner Joe YouTube channel is seen by people from all around the world, which include Thai citizens, Thai/foreign couples and foreigners alike. We post videos of our journey while living in Thailand for the pleasure of our audience only. Our content is not meant to encourage/discourage or influence anyone to travel, live, work, marry, retire, rent, buy, build or own a home in Thailand. Our content covers a wide variety of topics including travel, food, real life stories, informational videos, homes, condos and land for sale or rent and much more. That being said, let’s discuss “Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand”. While this statement is true to a certain extent, there are many foreigners who own homes in Thailand with their Thai spouse and/or Thai partner. There are also many Thai citizens who watch the Thai Girl Gift & Foreigner Joe Channel who are interested in home/land rentals and sales. Our video title never say “House, Land or Condo For Sale for “Foreigners”… While there are ways for a foreigner to secure land, before attempting to do so, it is highly encouraged and recommended to seek legal advice on the ways for foreigners to legally secure land in Thailand.

Thank you for watching. Please like, share and subscribe. Follow us on Instagram at and email us at

Link to Info – can foreigners buy land in Thailand

Link to VHomes

Vhome บ้านวีโฮม
061 545 9594

Contact Info for our builder
Name JJ
LINE ID jia42864
PH: 080 495 5456
Facebook VHomePrachuap

Contact Info for J.D. Pools
Supachai Nakphuak
Product & Engineer Director
PH: +6681 4162811

J.D. Pools Authorized Agent
Thanintnun Saeree
J.D. Pools Hua Hin
PH: 095 4246999

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