Building A Cafe In Thailand – How Much Is This Going To Cost!? 🇹🇭😜 [Thai Subs/ซับไทย]

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The Naked Guru In Thailand is a regular vlog of me (Ryan Otis) an expat living in Thailand with my family. We have a small farm in Rural Thailand where we live a very basic life, growing our own food, taking care of the land, and living sustainably. In this vlog you will see the real Thailand and how we live on the Thai farm, how we travel Thailand and Asia as a family, how we live in Thailand and Asia as a family, and what it is like to have a Thai partner and son as an ex-pat in Thailand. I am also building an off-grid home out with the buffalos!

Thank you for coming along on the journey!

Building A Cafe In Rural Thailand – How Much Is This Going To Cost!?

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