“Can a Chef Even Breathe Cooking ALL That Chili?” FIERCE Chili Chicken Fry (辣子鸡) Food in Chiang Rai

One of the most wonderfully chili-heavy recipes on the planet – ”Chili Chicken’ is an absolute winner both at home (in Sichuan, China) AND right here in Thailand (we find it today in the district of Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai) – Yow!!!!

A classic instance of incredible food found in a place where you definitely won’t expect it – this restaurant delivers a beautifully heart-felt example of WHY food is just the ultimate comfort to any person who ever finds themself missing home (in this case, my wife Li 🙂 ). Thank you to the wonderful family owned-and-run restaurant “Kiao Siang Hai,” right on the riverside in Chiang Saen, Thailand.

Thank you for hanging out with us, please join me in a monster ‘chili cheers!!’
I hope you are very happy watching this video today, and if you have had a recent
experience with (several dozens of hot chilis in a single meal (or more?!)) – I would love to hear about it. Please write me in the comments 🙂 I would love to read about your meal!

Kiao Siang Hai Restaurant

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Hunting for either Burmese or Laos food near the Golden Triangle here today (as we are in sight of both of these countries, yet unable to cross the border), we were happily blown away by this surprise find of authentic Chinese food. Getting a bit excited, we felt we had no choice but to go crazy for home-cooked flavors, a triple order of dumplings + fried rice + chili chicken (this chef’s amazing use of chili pepper – wow!), I won’t soon forget this meal at ‘Kiao Siang Hai Restaurant.’

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