Chiang Mai Nightlife | Have a private party at Loi Kroh Road.

The nightlife of Chiang Mai is limited these days. But you still can have your private party at some bar and restaurant on Loi Kroh Road, in Chiang Mai. Let’s celebrate a birthday! Dao is celebrating a private birthday party at Cherry Bar & Restaurant on a favourite street in Chiang Mai, Loi Kroh Road.

Come with us, blow out some candles. Have some nice birthday cake and do your dance. Just a short impression of the nightlife in Chiang Mai with upcoming restrictions. In private, you still can have a good time. In the meantime Jacquess is in Holland, waiting for better times. Waiting for the day he can return to Chiang Mai.

If you like this kind of video, check out the channel. There are more nightlife videos like this. Most of them are a little longer, showing the good times of the nightlife in Chiang Mai. Do a binge-watch, subscribe to the channel, and I see you later.

This video is listed as Chiang Mai Thai Video Vlog # 254

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