Chiang Mai Thai Video| How is life today in Chiang Mai and in Holland?

Chiang Mai, Thailand, is facing some changes today. Restrictions are getting tighter, especially for bars and restaurants. So the nightlife of Chiang Mai will be having hard times again. We look to it from our cough in Holland. Our friend Wayne has a better view, walking in Chiang Mai.

We are looking to the changes from Holland. Seeing Wayne do his walk. Thinking our thoughts about the current situation. And thinking about how we can continue our channel. We did some lifestream last Saturday. Talking for almost two hours about Thailand, Chiang Mai, our life and the channel. “Is this the end of the world as we know it” was the big question. How will travelling be in the future? For sure, we don’t know the answer.

Can we continue this channel? What are your thoughts? What do you want to see from us? Shall we do more lifestream shows? We like to call it a show. With a lot of talking and even more coffee.

Leave your comments below, and I see you later.

The clip from Walk-About Wayne is from this video:
“Is Chiang Mai In Lockdown?”

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