The north east corner of the Old City Of Chiang Mai is full of places you would not normally see if you did nt go out looking for them.. People live in cramped living conditions just meters from the moat .
From Wikipedia,
Wat Chiang Yuen
Geographic coordinates 18.796367°N 98.988414°ECoordinates: 18.796367°N 98.988414°E
Wat Chiang Yuen (Thai: วัดเชียงยืน) is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, located north of the Old City, about 600 metres (2,000 ft) east of Wat Lok Moli. First built in 1500s, Lanna kings historically paid homage to the Phra Suppunyu Chao Buddha image at the temple before their coronation.[1] The temple was abandoned during Burmese rule, and was reconstructed in 1794 by King Kawila.[2] The temple is known for its large chedi, which has a whitewashed square base guarded by Burmese chinthe on each corner, an octagonal middle section dotted with porcelain flowers, and a five-tiered hti crowning the stupa.[3] The Lanna-style sala is buttressed by two elaborately decorated poles called tagundaing, each topped by a hamsa.[2]
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