I was out walking some of the “back roads” (i.e. a few blocks off Sukhumvit here in Bangkok) to get some exercise, remain sane and grateful and check out a few of the the market(s) in our neighborhood. I made THIS particular video and wanted to share it because as I was buying less than $3 USD of some bread & cakes from this nice woman on the sidewalk, she gave me a free sandwich.
Now, come on, this is July 26, 2021 and we are smack in the middle of this Delta variant spreading its way through Thailand. As Bangkok has the highest density of people its understandable why we have the highest number of new COVID cases each day compared to any other province.
***For some perspective, the country of Thailand has a population of about 69 million people and had over 14,000 new cases yesterday. Florida has a population of 22 million and had over 14,000 cases yesterday. In my opinion, as of today, Thailand is still a better place for me to live. I miss my parents and am grateful that they are healthy and happy and Gracie and I will see them soon!
My opinion may change but Thailand has been my home since November 2019 and Gratitude Attacks still happen daily…
ALSO – I did want to mention that I MISS doing Live Streams. I will do some starting again real soon.
BKK.FM ( https://www.BKK.FM ) is still a big bucket of fun for me and I spend several hours a day marking that better.
In addition, I have taken a liking to a radio station that I have been listening to for over half a decade: KISS FM in Pattaya. Its 91.75FM and reaches all of the areas in Pattaya and Jomtien. They also have a huge on-line audience and stream a great mix of super fun Dance, Trace, EDM and I’m even going to mix in some 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s for the nostalgia that goes great with a sunset and then beach in Pattaya on almost any day of the year!
SO, I’ll chat about that some too in an upcoming Live Stream. Be sure to check out for the most recent live stream.

Thanks for watching and if you’ve read the description this far, drop a comment with the word #AMAZEBALLS down below.
Chat soon.
Live the Dream!
~mikes & Gracie

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