Exploring Phrao Chiang Mai Learning about Lanna History with The Happy Gang

This video is about Exploring Phrao Chiang Mai Learning about Lanna History at 2 interesting temples with the Happy Gang. We start our day at Rain Tree Cafe on the 1001 road from Chiang Mai to Phrao, near to the city of Phrao. We enjoy fabulous coffee and food, before visiting a nearby temple Wat Huai Bong วัดห้วยบง and look at the amazing Chinese influenced temple, mixed with Hinduism & Buddhism. I show the area by drone before returning towards Chiang Mai and our 2nd temple visit. We go to Wat Phrathat Doi Wiang Chai Mongkhon which was built over 700 years ago by King Mangrai where we look at a statue of the Great King and also see bronze statues of 3 other important kings of Northern Thailand in the Lanna period; King Naresuan the Great (1556 – 1605), King Taksin the Great (1734 – 1782) & King Kawila (1774 – 1782). To end the day we enjoy dinner at Noen Num Cafe and the kite flying at the Cowboy Army Riding Club arena. We had a really happy day.

วัดห้วยบง Wat Huai Bong

Wat Phrathat Doi Wiang Chai Mongkhon

Cowboy Army Riding Club

Noen Num Cafe – เนินนุ่มคาเฟ่

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