Financial Mistakes. Crypto Brainwashing. Thailand. Balancing your Portfolio.International Investor.

International Investor EP109: Financial Mistakes. Crypto Winter. Balancing your Portfolio. July 2021 Update.
– Let’s talk about the typical Financial Mistakes most people make.
– How Crypto Communities are using (paid) media to Brainwash you?
– Why you should set aside your crypto assets to buy income-generating real estate?
– Investing in Emerging Markets like Thailand.
– With “Inflation” running wild…why you should move to Thailand?
– Why you need to increase your “Financial Knowledge?”
– You’re most likely going to “OUTLIVE YOUR MONEY.”
Resort Living at its BEST!
Exclusivity – Privacy – Gated Communities with First-Class services & amenities in the best Locations throughout Bangkok & Beach Cities!

Our Mission: Assisting our affluent clientele (and investors) in relocating their luxury lifestyle to Thailand. Specializing in Bangkok & Beach Cities.
Crypto Holders: We can help you purchase homes in Thailand! Please contact us!

Based in Thailand – Costa Rica – USA: ROADHOUSE INTERNATIONAL (and COMPASS GROUP INTERNATIONAL) is an International Real Estate Consulting Firm solely dedicated to helping Investors & Homeowners find (or develop) their next Boutique Hotel, 5-Star Mega Resort, Commercial Building, or Luxury Home!
Please contact us to schedule a real estate/relocation consultation!
(We accept CryptoCurrency)

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