G’day from Thailand Live (24th July 2021)

Hello and welcome to another Saturday morning live stream from Thailand. You are invited to join in the conversation via live chat or talk to us on our Discord channel for a team chat. This is our weekly show where we can talk about the latest happenings here in Thailand with a focus on Bangkok where we live. Check the description below to find all the relevant social links associated with this channel.

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The Rules:

1. This is an international audience so keep your personal views cordial and non-judgmental. **If you can’t say something positive, say nothing at all**

2. ***DO NOT*** discuss or comment on or about Thai politics and/or Thai Royal Monarchy.

3. We are not here to discuss other YouTube creators, but if they are part of the chat, you can direct questions to them where they can respond.

4. If you have problems with LGBT rights and inclusion in modern society, you are not welcome here and will be removed.

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