Girl Wild Camping, Trap Fishing, Catch fish, Cook Fish, | Bushcraft | Survival Skills | Part 2, 4K

Thailand, Part 2. Trap Fishing, Lake Bathing, Wild Camping, Fish cooking, Campfire Cooking, Survival skills, Lake swimming, Shelter Building, Overnight Camping, Wild Camp fire, how to light fire, How to cook Snails, How to make Spicy dipping sauce, How to Build A small Home in the forest, Cutting, Chopping, The list is huge Wow Mo, Not only are you Beautiful Your skill set is next level, Liam Neeson would be proud of you I think your fans are gonna love this side of you.
This is so good Your Survival skills are next level, I am truly in awe of your Wild camping weekend editing this was such a pleasure you are a natural survivalist, This video is Amazing, Well done Mo your a StarπŸŒŸπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ’–
I enjoyed watching this so much i have made you a new Playlist called
Mo Goes Wild. I think we just found Mo’s true Calling,
Wilderness Girl @sweet Media

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