How to catch SQUID in Thailand in a Kayak and prepare it!

In this video I am going to show how, how you can catch squid in Thailand easy and prepare it on a beach fire!

֍ Wehre I get the copyright free music from I use in my videos:

֍ My complete equipment:

→ My main Camera:
→ My Lens:
→ My Drone:
→ My Tripod:
→ My Vlog Mic:
→ My Boom Mic:
→ My Zoom Audio Recorder:
→ My no windnoise deadcat:
→ My main Cam Gimbal:
→ My Smartphone Gimbal:
→ My Sony Batterygrip:
→ My Backpack:
→ My Action & Water Cam:
→ My ND Filter:
→ My Softbox:
→ My Studio Light:
→ My Chair:
→ My Vlog Hand Tripod:
→ My Powerbank:

→ My Knife:
→ My Torch:
→ My Nerf Gun:

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