How to GET A JOB in Thailand | Baan Smile 2021

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So why do you really want a Job in Thailand?

After all, you might be getting less money.
They speak a different language here.
And our culture is quite different.

Isn’t it easier to just stay in your home country and get a job there instead?
Well, to quite a lot of people, it makes perfect sense.
People just like you, and of all ages have come to work in Thailand.
From young English teachers, to older executives, technologists and entrepreneurs.
Sometimes your current job takes you here, so you end up working in Thailand even though you never intended to.

But more often than not, many people look for a job here, get a work permit and end up moving to Thailand.
Depending on which countries you come from, more than likely you will be getting a lower pay, but at the same time, the cost of living is much lower here, so you may just come out ahead.
More than likely your job does not really need you to speak Thai.
Also, larger cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Rayong are very international in nature, so you would not have any problems fitting in.
And finally, it’s Thailand.
You get great weekend beaches and islands, awesome nightlife, and some of the very best food in the world.

Type of Jobs you can get here:
* Tech jobs
* Online marketing Jobs
* English teacher
* Hospitality
* Development & NGO
* Volunteer Jobs

Cost of Living in Thailand:

Thailand on $600 per month:

Popular Job Sites in Thailand:

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