HUA LAMPHONG: THE DARK SIDE: Ghosts, Brothels, Steam Trains, Street Life & Railway Life Plus more…

The dark & bright side of Hua Lamphong. After dark this area takes on a different guise. Gone are the tourists, commuters and traffic. There’s a desperation in parts of this area and the street life & railway communities open your eyes to the reality of life for many. In the past this area was well known for prostitution, drugs and brothels but that doesn’t mean it no longer exists in this area. The railway communities are supposedly rife with criminality, with gambling, drugs and chicken fighting being the apparent activities. I never like to say for sure, I just say what I read or hear about, but it still makes for a fascinating look around.
00:00 Start
00:22 Homeless problem
01:17 Friday evening
02:11 The Monument
02:50 Playing on the tracks: Junctions & the diamond crossover
03:40 Street Life & night scenes
04:21 Prostitution and brothels in the past: The now quiet backstreets & alleys
06:02 Hungry cat
06:19 When two canals became one
07:03 The 1986 rail crash disaster
07:35 Steam trains, railway life, and the ghost of Rajdhami Hotel
11:34 A good bit of wood & The last train has gone

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