I went out and bought an electric lawn mower!

It says “electric lawn mower” on the box, but it feels more like a vacuum cleaner! Hahaha!

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For the last 15 years in Australia, I paid a guy to mow my lawns but now I have an electric lawnmower that feels like a vacuum cleaner when you use it, I can get Chanya to vacuum the lawn! Thankfully, the yard sizes for a typical Thai house are fairly small so a petrol mower is not required and this Hyundai 1000 watt mower seems to do a pretty good job. You do need to dance around the cable but that’s ok for a small yard. Once the rain finished and the ground felt dry underfoot, I finished off the lawn and it looks fine. All I need now is an electric whipper snipper to take care of the edges!

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