Jacquess presenting a special report from Holland, The Netherlands

Chiang Mai Thai Video is presenting a special report by Jacquess from Holland, The Netherlands. As we are not in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we will give you an update on life in our home country, Holland. Yes, our home should be in Chiang Mai, but we are now stuck in The Netherlands.

See life passing by, while we are waiting for some bridge in our hometown. Jacquess is at work in his small truck when he sees the boats passing by. Just waiting to get across this small canal he gives you his thoughts about living and working in Holland. This video was made on special request. People were asking to see what is life in The Netherlands is all about.

We just working around summer to return to our real home in Chiang Mai after this working season is done. Planning to return to Chiang Mai, Thailand, at the end of this year. It should be around Loi Krathong in November. But with the “situation” in the world, there is nothing certain.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos. If there is something happening in Chiang Mai, we will give you a report. Maybe some streetview videos, maybe some lifestream, coming from the cough. Just wait for it. And I see you later!

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See you later !

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This is Chiang Mai Thai Video vlog # 255

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