My New York City: Brooklyn, or Why Americans Aren’t Canadians

In this first video from my new playlist “My New York City” find out why I’m the perfect guy to tell New York stories.

After posting this video, my friend Marge, a Green Wood historian, told me while we know for certain Charles Higgins erected Minerva to gaze at Liberty, there is no documentation to confirm that Liberty’s orientation was chosen for her to be gazing at Battle Hill. But that is indeed the place where The Statue of Liberty looks to. Here’s Marge’s comment:

” We find it hard to believe that it’s a coincidence but until there’s something in writing it’s folklore/legend”.

0:00 Introduction
0:26 Brooklyn, Gravesend Bay and the Brits
3:10 Battle Hill; Greenwood Cemetery.
5:20 Why does the Statue of Liberty face Southeast?
6:31 Lady Liberty and her sister Minerva.
7:51 My Brooklyn ancestral home.

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