No fear for Delta Plus variant, “Bocellisa”, Cambodia re-opening | Good Morning Thailand | Ep. 118

In todays episode Jay and Tim talk about the Thai PM pressing ASEAN countries to re-open in the ASEAN summit. The dynamic duo Andrea Bocelli and Lisa Black Pink will perform in Phuket for new year eve’s celebrations. Cambodia is re-opening certain parts of the country as well as a look into the cave divers story at the Tham luang cave and Delta Plus Variant.

00:00 Intro
03:10 Tham luang Cave
07:14 Bocellisa
13:10 Thai PM at ASEAN summit
15:15 Graph – World covid no.
17:05 Cambodia plans to re-open
20:09 Delta Plus variant
22:55 LIVE from Thailand International boat show

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The GMT podcast:—Episode-117-e19cbk5

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