Our Perfect Storm

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This video is called Our Perfect Storm because we (My wife and I) are having to cope with a lot of difficulties at this time. We have a lot on our plate, there are a lot of things to juggle at the moment but as you will be able to tell by watching this video that we are riding Our Perfect Storm, and we will come out the other end better and stronger. This channel is getting better and stronger, and with your help it will continue to get better and stronger, so if yo haven’t already clicked that subscribe button, please do so, and click the notifications bell as well so you will never miss an upload.

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On this channel, I aim to show you what life is like in Bangkok Thailand.
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I cover Thailand Travel, Thai Food, Amazing Thai Food, Sexy Thai Girls, Retiring to Thailand, Bangkok Shows, and lots more subjects that I am sure will interest you.
If you are planning to travel to Thailand for a vacation or if you are planning on retiring in Thailand then you will find the videos on this channel very helpful.

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