P 19, 1st Drone flight, first Dji mini 2 flight, Drone Reg & ready to fly, See Mo’s Kingdom sky view

Today i fly my drone for first time, Dji mini 2, so much fun, hope you like my first time will make many more as i build my home just waiting for wood now.
Not worry my kind supporters i not stop just be wait for monetization from youtube 🀞 to free up some very much needed Baht. i make Patron now like you ask me too hope it can help
Thank you for supporting me so much in this hard time I really respect your help keep me going with your kind words an big thank s to all who come here and Buy me a small Coffee πŸ™β˜• https://ko-fi.com/mokingdom or help me raise money for my pickup truck you are all so kind thank you
Now anyone who want a coffee cup can buy and have your name on it with love from Mo if you like,
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