Saudi Arabia Food on Myanmar Border “Mom Feeds Us By Hand 30+ Year BEANS” (Mae Sai, Thailand)

In this video, our journey of “off limits to tourist” areas continues with a gigantic lunch at a family restaurant, SURPRISING us with Saudi Arabian style dishes, right on the border with Myanmar.

Welcome to Mae Sai, the northern-mostpoint in Thailand. We are in Chiang Rai, we have been here for 1 week, and we are so encouraged by the families we have met here – I am very happy to share all of this with you in this video today, I hope that this message finds you well!!

It took me a while to find a restaurant that was even open, which is sort of the trend of this entire trip, but making the best of this situation* both Li and I were blown away by our fortune in finding a wonderful family, cooking amazing food, needless to say I was moved to tears when they didn’t even want us to pay for the meal.

I have been to Mae Sai many times, and for me there are few places that have ever touched my heart like this – I even tried to work here at a few different points in my 10+ years in Thailand – it is a very, very special, very cool and ua-diverse place, if you look past the industrial use of the main North-South highway (trading goods with Myanmar), basically everything else in this town is pure magic. Amazing place in Thailand for sure! Again, very glad you have chosen to watch this video today 🙂
Take care, all the best! See you for the next one very soon!

Bismillah Restaurant

*Situation meaning, only local tourism is allowed at all right now in Chiang Rai (only accessible by those currently residing in Thailand), and NO hotels/restaurants/cafes/etc. except those in the main towns are allowed to accept dine-in customers. Mae Sai is the main town of this area, but even though we were allowed to eat at this restaurant today, it still doesn’t mean that any of the restaurants are doing much more than just barely scraping by – most places we went on this trip, we were the only customers that day – so we were thankful to be able to BE a blessing, this is something I wont soon forget from this trip.

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