Stir-Fried Mackerel and Brown Rice with Egg Topping – Healthy Thai Dish

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In today’s video, I’d like to share a simple Asian dish recipe that everyone can do with the simple ingredients that is Stir-Fried Mackerel and Brown Rice with Egg Topping.

It can be a healthy dish with mackerel, a good protein with moderate fat, as well as herbs such as lemongrass, lime leaves, and chilli. The fragrance of these herbs permeates the dish and is wonderful when served hot with a boiled egg as a topping.

All of the ingredients were stir-fried together before being well combined. To make a healthier recipe, bake or grill the mackerel instead of frying it, and then toss in all of the vegetables with a little oil.

Put the food on the plate and be ready to serve!

1. Mackerel 200 g
2. Cooked brown rice 1 cup
3. Garlic 3 cloves
4. Lemongrass 1 sprig
5. Lime leaves 2 leaves
6. Fried chilli 3-4 pcs (optional)
7. Salt ½ teaspoon
8. Soy sauce ½ teaspoon
9. Sugar ½ teaspoon
10. Oil 3 tablespoon

Intro 0:00
Ingredients 1:10
Preparation 1:18
Cooking 2:10

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