Thailand Update | Chiang Mai Gate CLOSED!

Thailand Update | Chiang Mai Gate CLOSED! Just a short update guys, Chiang Mai Gate market has been closed for 3 days due to a new Covid cluster in the area. The market has been closed from the 26th of October to 28th. Time will tell if the market will remain closed for longer. With the country set to open without quarantine next week, this is sure to be a setback for people planning to come here. Thailand update 2021.

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👋 About this channel: My name is Wayne and my channel is all about my life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Vlogging about all the ups and downs of Chiang Mai life. Living in Thailand is a great experience, so I hope you can join me as I live my Thailand dream. I also hope I can be of help, to anyone who is thinking of moving to Thailand.

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