The 8 Most Beautiful Beaches on the island of Koh Chang

island of Koh Chang

The three longest beaches on Koh Chang with the most resorts and bungalow complexes are White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach and Kai Bae Beach. Further south is Lonely Beach, popular with backpackers, the quiet & secluded Bailan Beach and Klong Kloi Beach, which is located near the island’s main village of Bang Bao.

All beaches on the west coast of Koh Chang are perfect for a relaxed beach holiday and are also first-class sunset points. However, you can only really swim at high tide, as the sea retreats a long way at low tide.

Let’s explore the different beaches on this amazing holiday island.

White Sand Beach

The approximately two and a half kilometers long White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Kao) on the west coast of Koh Chang scores not only with its length, but also with its width. At low tide, the White Sand Beach is up to 80 meters wide in places and is therefore ideal for beach walks and, if you’re in a good mood, for beach volleyball. The beach slopes gently, which makes it perfect for a family vacation with your children.

White Sand Beach consists of a quiet northern part with the White Sand Beach Resort along with some backpacker bungalow complexes, a middle, livelier section with larger hotels, and the stony, southern section at the end.

Each of the three section of the White Sands Beach is a little different, so let’s explore them:

The northern section of the beach
The northern part of the White Sand Beach is not only the quietest, but also the most scenic section. In the hinterland there are mountains densely overgrown with rainforest, on the beach there are shady coconut palms and trees.

A little further south, the real backpacker mile begins with the rustic and brightly painted bungalows of the Independent Bo, the Aylamean Bungalows, the Banana Resort and the Star Beach Resort. Some of the wooden huts are right on the beach, others on stilts on the wooded slope.

Middle section of the beach
In the middle section of White Sand Beach there are mostly larger hotel complexes that are preferred by package tourists and families with children. There is plenty of space on the beach in front of the hotels – for playing, digging and for walks.

Koh Chang White Sand Beach

Most of the restaurants and beach bars are also located in the central section of the White Sand Beach. From here you can take several walk ways to get to the main street with other restaurants, bars, food stalls, smaller shops, tattoo studios, travel agencies and supermarkets.

Southern section of the beach
The southern part of White Sand Beach, which is stony towards the end, is not quite as attractive as the other two beach sections. At high tide, the beach almost disappears here. A highlight, however, is the cliff at the end of the bay. From the beach stairs lead up to a walk way, from which you have a breathtaking view over the whole of White Sand Beach. In addition, the cliff on which the Koh Chang Grand View Resort and the Chang Buri Resort & Spa are located is one of the best sunset points far and wide.

Restaurants on White Sand Beach
There are plenty of good restaurants on White Sand Beach.

A good choice would be the “Rock Sand” with a large wooden terrace and a great view, great Thai dishes like crispy fish (most likely locally fished), beef-chicken and vegetable dish at reasonable prices.

The “Pen’s” restaurant scores with a very good price-performance ratio. The Tom Yum soup at “Pens” is awesome, and all of the meat and vegetarian dishes there are delicious.

Klong Prao Beach

The approximately three and a half kilometers long Klong Prao Beach is the longest and most extensive beach on Koh Chang. Whether you want to swim, do yoga or go for a walk – there is plenty of space.

The Klong Prao Beach is only partially built on with resorts, large parts of the beach lined with coconut palms and trees are pure natural beaches.

Like White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach also slopes gently and is therefore ideal for a holiday with children. Swimming is only possible at high tide, as the sea retreats a long way at low tide – as on most other beaches on Koh Chang.

Klong Prao Beach is divided into a total of three beach sections by two estuaries. The tourist life mainly takes place in the northern part, which is also called Chai Chet, and at the southern end of the beach.

Chai Chet is a curved bay with a golden-yellow sandy beach lined with coconut palms and casuarinas. Here you lie in the shade of the trees and enjoy the view of the turquoise blue sea.

To the south of Chai Chet and beyond the first estuary, Klong Prao Beach is still undeveloped and natural in many places. There are only a few resorts here, including the KP Huts, which are popular with backpackers. The simple stilt bungalows are only a stone’s throw away from the water and offer a great view of the sea and the perfect sunsets.

The southern and busiest section of Klong Prao Beach begins at the second mouth of the river. This part of the beach scores with the wide, white sandbar at the river mouth and the banks lined with palm trees and trees.

Most of the restaurants are also located here, including the popular “Pirate Restaurant” and the “Family Restaurant”, various beach bars and resorts, most of which, like The Dewa Koh Chang Hotel, are more expensive.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach Koh Chang

The two-kilometer-long Kai Bae Beach is the third longest beach on Koh Chang and is located south of Klong Prao Beach. Kai Bae Beach is divided into a northern and a southern section by a cliff and an estuary.

The northern Kai Bae Beach consists of only one third of the sandy beach, two thirds of rocks and cliffs. The most beautiful part is the section at the level of the Gajapuri Resort. At high tide there is only a narrow strip of the beach left, but the palm trees and branches of the trees hang far over the water, which gives the scenery a wild, romantic touch.

If you walk south along Kai Bae Beach, you will first come to the already mentioned cliff, which can be circumvented via a path. On the cliff, the Coral Resort offers a beautiful view of the sea and the fantastic sunsets.

Immediately behind the cliff follows the river mouth, which you can cross over a small bridge. At the adjoining Nor Nu Kai Bae Pier, from which the speedboats to the neighboring islands (including Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood) leave, the southern and, more beautiful part of Kai Bae Beach begins. The beach is very wide here, especially at low tide, and is densely overgrown with palm trees and trees towards the end of the bay. At the end of the beach is the “Porns” restaurant, one of the best sunset points on Kai Bae Beach. “Porns” also rents out simple beach bungalows, the foremost of which are only a few meters from the water.

The hinterland at southern Kai Bae Beach consists of densely forested slopes. Above the Siam Bay Resort and Sea View Resort, a jungle path leads to a viewpoint. From the vantage point you have a breathtaking view over the entire west coast of Koh Chang and the four small rocky islands Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai.

In the evening, life on Kai Bae Beach takes place either in the beach bars or on the main island road that runs above the beach. In addition to numerous restaurants, there are also various bars such as the popular “Mojito Lounge”, the “Beers Bar” and the “Koh Chang Wine Gallery”.

Lonely Beach (Thanam Beach)

The 800 meter long Lonely Beach (also Thanam Beach) was once a backpacker’s paradise with only simple beach huts. There are still some of them today, but a few more expensive resorts and restaurants have been added in recent years. In addition to backpackers, people with a slightly thicker wallet are now also vacationing on Lonely Beach.

Despite everything, the beach has not lost its chill flair. On the terraces of the bungalows, you can swing on your hammock as ever, hang out on the beach with earplugs or a book and treat yourself to a massage or two in between.

In the late afternoon, everyone in the bars and restaurants on Lonely Beach meets to enjoy the perfect sunset with a sundowner, for example on the terrace of the “Siam Huts” at the southern end of the beach. Then you have dinner and then get ready for the beach party.

Several streets and paths lead from Lonely Beach to the island’s main street with further restaurants, bars and small shops.

Bailan Beach

Bailan Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches on Koh Chang. The only 400 meters long, palm-fringed, narrow beach is off the beaten track and is one thing above all: quiet.

In addition, Bailan Beach scores with its scenic surroundings: In the hinterland, mountains covered with rainforest rise, the northern end of the beach borders on a mangrove belt.

The best view point on Bailan Beach is the pier, which extends about 150 meters into the sea. From here you can enjoy the view of the mountains as well as the sea and the sunsets.

The main street with restaurants, bars, a few shops and stalls is only a few hundred meters from Bailan Beach. Directly at the entrance to the White House Bailan Resort is the popular restaurant “Happy Turtle”, which also offers Thai cooking courses.

Bailan Beach Koh Chang

Klong Kloi Beach

Backpacker feeling, reggae and a relaxed atmosphere – Klong Kloi Beach especially attracts younger backpackers.

On the beach in the south of Koh Chang, lined with palm trees and shady trees, there are plenty of chilled cocktail bars and restaurants. The “Bamboo Hut” and “Yuyu Golden Beach Restaurant” are popular among others.

There is also a mini-village (Klong Kloi Village) with a small supermarket right on Klong Kloi Beach.

Klong Son Beach

When the sea retreats a long way at low tide, a large sandbank forms at the mouth of the Klong Son River. It is part of the Klong Son Bay in the far north of Koh Chang. The almost one kilometer long, golden yellow Klong Son Beach stretches between the sandbar and a headland.

Klong Son Beach is far away from all tourist centers and is one of the lesser-known and quiet beaches on Koh Chang.

Pearl Beach (Hat Kai Mook)

Pearl Beach (also Hat Kai Mook) is also located on the west coast of Koh Chang and is a small stone beach around 200 meters long.

Hat Kai Mook is a quiet, secluded beach with a handful of mostly simple resorts like Paradise Palm, which is just a stone’s throw from the water. Other resorts, including the more comfortable Penny’s Resort, are located on the small street that runs parallel to the beach. There is also a shop here where you can buy essentials such as drinks, snacks and drugstore items.

If you like to vacation on a secluded beach and do not expect a dream beach or great comfort, you are at the right place at Pearl Beach.