The NEW Thai Language Course OPENS! – Let’s Learn Thai with Kanitsa #Shorts

Hello everyone, I’m excited to officially announce the new course details.

Type : Online course via Zoom
Enrolment Period : 15-31 July 2021
Class : 7 August – 25 September 2021
Day & Time : Saturday at 8 p.m. (Thailand time)

1. Go on — — and buy me some coffee (1 cup is 5 USD). There is no fixed number of cups, please just buy as you would like to. Anyway, please do not compare your number of cups to the others. Just buy the number of cups that you could. For anyone who can’t afford to buy me coffee but have a strong intention to join the class, please write me an email to (For anyone who bought me coffee before or have purchased all of my lesson sheets before, you can skip this step and go on 2.)

2. Once you have bought me coffee, go on to register — —

3. Add this account friend on Facebook (จีเนียส เจน เอเชีย) — — then you will be added into the LLT#001/2021 communication group.

== For those who enroll between 15-18 July 2021 will get 1 badge (you can choose the badge you want during step 2. registration). To understand the TREE & BADGE SYSTEM, please join my Facebook Group “Let’s Learn Thai!” and check out the posts in the group.

Join my Facebook Group now to get fast and more updates.
Look up “Let’s Learn Thai” Facebook group or click this link —

Please answer my 2 filtered questions in order to get accepted into the group.

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