We attend the BHP Fuel Fest 2021 at Westpoint Arena, Exeter, Devon on 18th July 2021.
Devon and Cornwall Police bring along their 190 MPH Lotus police car for community engagement purposes, not operation. Without double this is the fastest Police car in the UK. This car is on loan from Lotus for 1 year and then goes to another Police force.

BHP Fuel Fest is a yearly event, attracting thousands of car enthusiasts with their modified and classic cars. We see the drifters in action, ‘Slide Brothers’ and the ‘Outlaws’ with their amazing skills.
The Nissan SR 180 and 200 seem a popular choice in the drifting world with their excellent strong chassis, proving to be invaluable. Hottest day of the year 27 degrees and just coming out of lockdown makes it a populate destination for petrol heads.

I Loved the BMW M4 GT4 Replica Track car and nice chatting with the owner. Please check out his You Tube channel where this amazing car is covered. Channel Link here:

A Big Thanks to everyone who contributed to this film, very much appreciated.
As for myself planning to return to Thailand in October sometime, ideally to Hua Hin with the quarantine. If not we may be going to Phuket or Samui on their schemes.

As always Thanks for the continued support – Jim

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