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We thought Urban Exploring would be a great way to spend the day. Not too far from where we live in Thailand is an abandoned site that looked very interesting and spooky. What could go wrong? Only Red ants, swarms of wasps and probably some snakes we didn’t see. The end result wasn’t good. However if don’t like me WATCH THIS VIDEO. It will make you very happy!

My name is Brian but everyone calls me Greeny. I retired in January of 2020 after working 30 years in my field. I didn’t want to work so long that I would be too old to enjoy my retirement. After living in Michigan my whole life I decided I wanted to retire somewhere warm, somewhere exotic. I sampled a ton of places in the Caribbean, Panama, Colombia, Turkey but set my sights on Thailand. I spent most of the winter of 2020 exploring Thailand then ……you know what happened. IT!!!
So I had to catch one of the last flights and come home. Now I’m back.

Why am I making videos? I need a hobby. I feel if I don’t do anything creative my mind may melt. I can also easily go back and reminisce by watching the videos. If anyone else enjoys them then that is a plus.

I take a bunch of Travel photos. Check out my Instagram or Facebook. I usually post a pic everyday.



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