Visiting Bangkok’s BEST Craft Shop! Huang Seng

Visiting Bangkok’s BEST Craft Shop! Huang Seng

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We visit the best craft shop in Bangkok Huang Seng. We have been ordering from them online for years, but finally decided to visit their shop and it blew us away. This shop has been run by the same family for three generations and is outstanding. The range and quality we found at the shop were unreal, everything from thread, needles, yarn, fabric, and scissors were in stock and amazing quality. They had great prices and the best selection we have seen in all of Thailand.

0:00 Intro
1:32 Cabb to Huang Seng
3:07 Arrival at Huang Seng
3:29 Chatting with the 3rd Generation Shop Owner
4:00 Looking around the shop
5:02 Jib discusses the shop
6:42 Checking out other parts of the shop
8:55 Breaking down our haul
9:30 Jibs Craft Book Addiction
11:14 dana and his massive scissors
14:01 Amazing antique craft books from Japan!
16:40 Recap and outro

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