Wat Phra Thong in Phuket (Wat Prathong) “Phuket Sandbox” Phuket Thailand | 14 July 2021

It is about 21 kilometers from Phuket Town, along Thepkasattri Road, through Thalang District Intersection.

Discover the unseen Thailand magic hidden in another corner of Phuket. This is an interesting old temple with sacred legends and tales of the Big Buddha. which emerged from the ground only Phra Ketmala and only half rose from the ground which is the origin of the name “Wat Phra Phut”

It is said that when they first met “Luang Por Phra Phut” in that area is a place where animals are kept. One morning there was a storm. There was so much rain that the waters flooded the fields and damaged them. blows down trees, topples, torn down locomotives When the rain stopped, a farmer boy led a buffalo to feed the buffalo in the middle of the field, but couldn’t find a branch. Because he needed to find a place to tie the ropes for raising the buffalo, the small branches that had been tied regularly were swept away by the current. After a while, the boy saw something strange, covered in mud. It looked like a huge tree stump rising from the ground. So I brought a buffalo rope to tie it up and came back home.

when the child comes home The boy had a seizure. Died immediately that morning. The parents then dealt with the boy’s corpse and went out to look at the buffalo bound. When he got to the place where the boy had tied the buffalo What appeared to the eyes was a miraculous sight of a buffalo lying dead. and even when walking closer was seen as an object they feel fear Hurry up to cut the rope to tie the buffalo out and help bring the buffalo to bury. Late that night, the father of the dead boy had a dream that someone said The boy and the buffalo had to die because the boy had tied the buffalo rope to the Ketumala (top of the head) of the Buddha image. The boy’s father was shocked to wake up. At dawn he persuaded his neighbors to go to the edge of the canal where the boy had tied the buffalo. when he saw that strange object Each of them helped each other to wash the water. Scrub the paint to remove all the mud that is stuck. Until it can be seen that it looks like a Ketumala of a golden Buddha image. The villagers are shocked and come to worship and worship a lot. as well as persuading each other to study for the governor of Thalang to know

The governor of Thalang at that time was at Ban Don. distance from the place of discovery “Luang Por Phra Phut” went to Ban Don where the Thalang Governor resided, about 3 kilometers apart. He ordered the villagers to dig up and enshrine them on the ground. But no matter how you dig, you can’t mine. because a miracle happened like a miracle It appeared that there were thousands, tens of thousands of wasps. fly up from under the ground Rampant chasing and punching people who dig. and also sting only those who dig As for those who didn’t dig, just took flowers, incense and candles to pay homage. petting Ketumala’s “Luang Por Phra Phut” wasp was not going to do any harm. It was a wonder to many who saw it. The villagers, when unable to dig, went to study the Thalang Governor to let them know. It is said that some people who dug were stung by a wasp and were stung with fatal fever.

The city lord ordered to build a place to cover it. and the villagers continued to worship each other Ready to call this Buddha image called Phra Phut. because it is a Buddha image rising from the ground Only the Ketmala, about 1 cubit high. The Chinese people will call Phra Phut that Phu Puk (Phu Hook) because he believes that it is Phra Phut from China. When it comes to the Chinese New Year Chinese people in Phuket, Phang Nga, Takua Pa, Thai Mueang and Krabi come to worship Phra Phut. regularly until today

Many years later, a white cheetah came to stay in Thalang. He was afraid that someone would cut the golden Ketum Mala to sell. Therefore, together with the villagers, collect shells and burn them in a fire to make lime and sand to cover the Buddha image.

Later, in the year 1709, during the reign of King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok the Great, Rama I, the Burmese army invaded the southern part of Thailand and captured Thalang. Burmese soldiers try to dig into the ground in hopes of bringing the Golden Buddha (Phra Phut) back to Burma. but failed because a miracle happened. That is, when the Burmese soldiers dig into the ground, they come across a small venomous ant. and wasps came up with a lot of dug soil. Hundreds of the attacked Burmese soldiers got fevers and died. The rest of the Burmese soldiers then burned the ground with fire. Burn ants and wasps They also tried to dig down to the head of the Buddha image. The governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat brought an army to help. and then hit Thalang back from Burma, Burma fled.

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