What do THAI GIRLS honestly think about your beard?

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I recently conducted a scientific poll surveying Thai girls about whether they honestly like beards on men. If you have a beard or are thinking of growing a beard these results will shock you! Well I wasn’t shocked but the good thing is that you can shave or grow a beards and its not really a life changer.

My name is Brian but everyone calls me Greeny. I retired in January of 2020 after working 30 years in my field. I didn’t want to work so long that I would be too old to enjoy my retirement. After living in Michigan my whole life I decided I wanted to retire somewhere warm, somewhere exotic. I sampled a ton of places in the Caribbean, Panama, Colombia, Turkey but set my sights on Thailand. I spent most of the winter of 2020 exploring Thailand then ……you know what happened. IT!!!
So I had to catch one of the last flights and come home. Now I’m back.

Why am I making videos? I need a hobby. I feel if I don’t do anything creative my mind may melt. I can also easily go back and reminisce by watching the videos. If anyone else enjoys them then that is a plus.

I take a bunch of Travel photos. Check out my Instagram or Facebook. I usually post a pic everyday.



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My new YouTube channel for SHORTS is GREENY IS SHORT

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